Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Women and Indian Men * 77" target="_blank">

I would have not laid stress on the heading of this article, till my own 2 cousins married Danish girls and like the proverbial fairy tale ending ' lived happly ever aftet'. I can't comment on the ever after part part, but over the years they are a happy lot.
I am a globe trotter and I have seen that white European and American women do have liking for Indians as husbands. In a chat with an Danish psychologist , I raised this point. He had a very interesting answer. He was of the view that western society is so dominated by promiscuty that the European women look to a person who will be faithful. He was of the view that Indian men married to white women are invariably fathfull and rarely may have extra marital affairs.
The psychologist could not give me any data, though he agreed to mail me figures later. He claimed he had been studying this phenomena. The fact is that Indian marriages with white women rarely break down, but than this is the ethos also in India where marriages do not crash at the drop of a hat. Mostly they last a life time.
In England where half my village is settled, there is a subtle shift. Earlier the men imported brides from India as a rule. This has gone down and many Indian men are marrying English girls. These are all academic discussions and the fact is the chemistry between a man and a woman has as yet not been defined. Before I sign off, I must mention that the incidence of a black (negro) girl marrying an Indian in America or the UK is a rarity.