Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Mindset of the Indian Army vs China
  • Kautaliya that great philosopher stated that to beat an enemy confidence and belief is important. I have a feeling that this lacking in the Indian army. This is a thought hard to digest, but perhaps there is no escape from it. I will just talk of the Western border with China in Ladakh. Some of the facts that have emerged are 

  •  a) Failure to enter areas vacated by China , which they had occupied in 1962. 
  • b) Failure to operationalize the Chusul airfield close to the border. 
  • c) No plans for counter attack in Ladakh to enter Tibet and regain Indian territory occupied by China. Overall it appears the political leadership has a dread of China and this has rubbed off on the army. The result is that the Indian army is Pakistan centric and China features n where. Would it not have been so much better in case General VK Singh , instead of petitioning the Supreme Court on his age, had thought it fit to prod the political leadership to get cracking on China?