Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Secret Desires and Acharya Rajneesh

I have been wondering about the hidden desires of man. All of us have desires and for most they die a natural death. The ancient Hindu scriptures dealt with these desires in tantra. Most of these desires hover around sex. I suppose this inevitable and beautifully explained by Freud.
I have also been prey to such desires, but like most men kept them under wraps. It was my meeting with Rajneesh that relieved me from my guilt complex. More than two decades back a friend took me to the ashram of Rajneesh. As I bowed at the feet of the man an American girl also entered. This girl sat at the feet of the master, but as she sat I was enveloped by a strange desire to love that girl. I thought it was strange desire, perhaps morally wrong. But now I know it was something absolutely normal. there was a clash in my mind, because of the guilt complex. Rajneesh had an uncanny power of divination, or maybe he was a good face reader. All he said to me was " go and mate with her" and he just smiled as the girl left. That is the essence of Acharya Rajneesh, the fact he did away with the guilt complex in a simple relationship. This was the most enlightening moment of my life as I followed what Rajneesh told me. Its a pity that after this Rajneesh left for the USA and on his return died, as he had been poisoned by the FBI.