Saturday, May 28, 2016

Muslim Mayor of London: not a bad thing Really


The Labour Party candidate Sadiq Khan has been elected as Mayor of London. For Asians, it is good news and no wonder Pakistan is exulting at the idea of a Muslim being head of the business capital of the world and the pride of the English state.

Mr. Sadiq Khan is a practising Muslim who has relations living in Pakistan. He has been a practicing lawyer and a more important fact is that he beat the Conservative candidate by 1.1 million votes. This is an eye opener and frankly I am at a loss to explain the win of Sadiq Khan.The Conservative candidate Zach Goldsmith failed and in the bargain indicated that a Teutonic shift has taken place in England.

It is just 7 decades back at the end of World War II when the English ruled half the world. Their demise started with the loss of India which was characterised as the brightest jewel in the English crown. Slowly the Empire faded away and the British were left bereft of colonies and status. The fact remains they were reduced to being a fifth rate power and it is to the credit of the English people they accepted this fact. the election of a Muslim mayor, something that could not be thought of in the wildest of dreams means that England in due course could lose its character as well.

The Repurcussions For England

Sadiq Khan's win in the election, in fact, signals the end of Imperialism as practiced by the English for over 200 years. It also shows that the English are at a loss to decide their role in world politics. I recollect reading a joke. It went like this. A British coast guard vessel intercepted 2 Muslims in a boat trying to enter England illegally. The men were arrested and asked as to what they were planning. One of them replied that they had instructions to invade England. The Custom's officer laughed and said " invasion? just the two of you?".After a moment's silence, one of the arrested Muslims replied " listen we are the last contingent as two million of us are already there"

This anecdote is plain humour, but the reality is stark. England must be in dire straits that they could not find a local Englishman to be the Mayor of London and had to vote in a Muslim with close connections to Pakistan. Sadiq Khan is a fine man and I feel happy that he is the Mayor of London, but the fact is the English are finished as a power.

I wonder what will happen if a similar permutation of votes and alliances could put a Muslim or a Hindu as the prime minister of England. This cannot be dismissed as mere speculation. The election of Mr. Khan shows that England is now no longer a power of any standing. One cannot expect a Muslim or a non English to perpetuate Englands role as a world power. In effect it means that the English as a power have reached the nadir and one wonders how much lower they will go.

Last Word

The election of Sadiq Khan as the mayor of London means that the clock for the English is ticking. I do not subscribe to the view that its a step in the Islamization of the UK , which is a dream of most devout Muslims. But certainly it will give a fillip to such people, though Atiq Khan is not a supporter of Jihad. Sometimes appearances can be deceptive and they also convey a wrong impression. The election of Khan as the Mayor of London is the first step and one cannot forecast what will happen in future, but the dream of men like Rudyard Kipling of the East as a "white man's burden" is dead and gone.