Saturday, May 7, 2016

Donald Trump is on Way. ** 80

Trump and his nomination


Donald Trump is a billionaire businessman who is aspiring to get the GOP nomination for presidential election. These elections are slated this year and before that the Republican convention will take place to decide on the GOP nominee. Trump is aiming to get the maximum number of delegates so that he can win the nomination. As on date, Trump is the leader and way ahead of his nearest rivals Ted Cruz and Rubio. Trump's victory in Indiana has sealed the fate of his opponents who have now thrown in the towel and the field for Donald is clear.

What is the reason that a man like Trump is leading the race for the GOP nomination? The reason is simple as this man has come with an agenda to restore American pride and as part of that has picked on Muslim terror. He is clear that the greatest danger to America is Islamic terror. The present president Barack Muhammed Obama has left things to meander and overall treated terror groups with kid gloves. He failed to identify Islam as a source of terror. Maybe he had a personal agenda, as his father was a Muslim and he also attended a Madrasa, religious Islamic school for 2 years.

America is in a stage of ferment. Attacks by Muslim terror groups  like the twin trade towers bombings, Boston race, and the California killings have alarmed the common man. Donald has played on these fears and promised stern action

Donald Trump has not minced his words and has threatened to take the war  to the Muslim lands, where terrorist groups, like ISIS, have sanctuary. His other proposals are equally revolutionary. He has proposed that there needs to be a total ban on Muslims entering the USA. This is a brazen statement and shows the bent of mind of the GOP contender. Alistair Maclean wrote, " Fear is the Key". This is a commodity that Trump treats with disdain. The reaction of the Muslim world holds no terror for him. This is in sharp contrast to India where the people and the government are loathed, to connect Islam with terrorism. So much so that TADA and POTA were scrapped as these acts offended the Muslims in India.

Trump has also proposed to confine all Muslims in the USA and inter them in camps, till they can prove their innocence. Many Americans find this proposal distasteful.  But Trump has pointed out that he is proposing nothing new. He has pointed out that president Roosevelt had during World War II ordered the confinement of all Japanese who lived in the USA, yet he is considered a great president.

Trump has got the feel of the pulse of the American citizen. This has led him to propose some radical steps. He has proposed a reciprocal treatment to all Jehadi outfits. He feels these organization's only understand the language of force. Trump says he will authorize forms of torture like waterboarding for captured terrorists. He will also allow reprisals against the families of terrorists. It should be like the old code of Hummarabi- an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Trump thus has his priorities clear.

Trump also does not advocate a withdrawal from Afghanistan. His thinking is revolutionary as he feels America must remain in Afghanistan to protect the Pakistan nukes. Obviously, he does not have much confidence in Pakistan and its ability to safeguard their nuclear arsenal. He feels the Pakistan nukes at some stage may well fall into the hands of Muslim Jehadi groups.

Trump is on the rise. These are early days and anything can happen as another 35 states have still to vote. Trump has however shown guts in attacking Islam as the source of all terror. I wonder if anybody in India can emulate Trump. There is no doubt that Trump is a man with a mission. It will be interesting to see if he can win the GOP nomination. The biggest opposition  to a Trump nomination is  from within the party itself. The 'old guard' led by Mitt Romney( he was the GOP candidate in the 2012 election) are against his nomination. Yet Donald Trump may surprise them.