Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memoir: Loving Fair Girls **. 78

Sometimes, I write on a topic which to many may appear outlandish. Yet, I mean no offense and I would vehemently deny the charge of racism though I have affairs and loved only fair skinned girls and women. I am now going to touch a half century of life and yet feel fit as I was when I was 25.
I have served in the Air Force earlier and that has been my gateway to the world of women. Girls and women have been fascinated with meeting a man who flies planes at Mach 2.5 + and that adds to the aura of mystery in life for them.
The Fair Girls and Life
Women as is known, for all men are a permanent fixture in life and in my case it is also the same. I have had more than my fair share of fair damsels and the word rejection does not exist , yet I have not followed  women who are darkish or not fair. I do not know why, but my loves have all been fair women and the fairer the better. Thus an entire legion of dark women has never been part of my life. In India my preference is only for Punjabi, Kashmiri and Tamil Girls (only fair Brahmins). Yes only Brahmins and not others, but I am not a racist.
Outside India, Russian and American girls with many from Eastern Europe have been part of my life. I recollect on my first visit to the USA I preferred corporal a pure white blonde girl to a black girl NCO. Nothing racist about it, but my choice was the fair blonde and that led to a rollicking affair, for which I got a reprimand for sleeping with a non commissioned ranker. You can’t break the officer- men divide in the military. But I have no explanation for it. But my benefactor the old Foggier stood behind me.
I had some lovely golden Russian girls as dates and mates. It was common among the Indian officers and I know of at least two colleagues who resigned their commission to marry and live in Russia. Russia is great, but their women are simply the fairest of all.
The Fair Factor
American white women have also been part of my life and the last affair with a young American blonde doctor was the most serious of them though she was 20 years younger. There have been fleeting affairs all over. Earlier at least two Brahmin extremely fair Tamil girls from Chennai were my source of inspiration simply unforgettable, but I have no regrets.
I remember at a dance as a young subaltern, I waited to dance with the fairest girl till I got my chance and swept her off to the land of love. Yes, so may dark girls who eyed my Air Force emblem, wanted to dance. I danced, yes but my preference was for the fair skinned Brahmin girl. I won.
Last word
.These are just a few stray thoughts from my journal. I remember Nirad Choudhary wrote Autobiography of an Unknown Indian and rocketed to fame. Maybe it’s about time I wrote something similar and put my thoughts of fair women, guns and planes on paper. I have a confession, beautiful fair women remind me of them witha snake, I don't know if there is a connection
All photos /drawings from wiki commons