Friday, February 8, 2013

Why Men Desire other Women

Through out history one fact stands out as a constant factor is women. The victor always claimed women as a prize. In fact a woman in some cases was prized more than anything else, even gold and silver. What could be the reason for this ? I feel it is something inherent in a man, in other words it is in his genes. This is the nature that despite all regulations and laws, like monogamy, mans desire for another woman is not diminshed. Man has a partiicular physiological and emotional buildup.
It is intersting to know that the volume of sperms produced by a man as a ratio to his body weight is double than other mammals. This aspect also needs to be kept in mind. In fact man is closer to lion and needs newer partners for sex. In the modern age marriage and monogamy have tried to limit it, but the nature of man is not controlled. There is illicit sex, high divorce rate and many married men maintain liasons. The rich still possess concubines, ony the word is not used.
At the end of the day, it must be realized that man is polygamus by nature. Thus the guilt complex propagated by religion has really no place here. No man should be guilty of feeling that he has sinned in case he has sex outside marriage. In real terms its part of nature and a god given attribute. That is the reason that many places in Europe had lords having the first right to take virginity. Again the rich and powerful have more clout and more women to play with, but that is part of society where Marx becomes zero. The genes in a man guide him to sex with other women. I think its natural and one should not be unduly worried about it.