Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oral sex and its Compatibility with Hindu Tantra

Oral Sex or Cunnilingus’/ fellatio is a part of the sexual technique in Hindu Tantra. Though the Kama sutra is mostly silent on oral sex, yet the art of sex as interpreted in Tantra gives it great importance. Tantra as explained by the teachers is a slow exploration of the body and the path to God. Hence one can conclude by inference that oral exploration and sex with your partner will be high on the agenda.

Tantric philosophy brings out the fact that any search for knowledge is part of our everyday life and sex is part of it. It points out that the senses that include touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing have all a great part to play in the path to eternal bliss. Thus sensuality and sexuality will need all your senses to be harnessed as they are significant parts of tantra. Hence a lover must be aware of his and his partner’s body in all its details .

As part of this technique the worship of the woman's sex is of great importance. This can be done with your tongue and lips. Good oral sex or cunilingus is a technique and needs to be mastered. The aim is sexual awakening and the lover must concentrate on the clitoris which is the most sensitive part of a woman body. It is best to be gentle and soft and treat it like a rose. Brush it lightly with your lips and then circle it with your tongue. Stimulate it slowly and then lick the entire length of it till the cavorting of the thighs of your partner shows that you are the winner.

Lick it with long rasping strokes and savor the delight of the arousal of your partner. Lastly make it a point to insert your tongue inside the woman. This is an expression of love and enter her slowly and then see how much of your tongue can enter her. This is a penance and needs to be done for a build up to ultimate moment. Sex is an elevating experience and it should be matter of satisfaction and gratification. Never for a moment forget that all this build up is part of Tantra sex for the achievement of salvation and coming close to god.