Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kushwant Singh's Immortal Work'Train to Pakistan'

Kushwant Singh is a well known Indian writer in English. In a career spanning almost 5 decades Kushwant has churned out novels, books, short stories and history books as well as columns on almost every concievable subject. His most famous novel is 'Train to Pakistan' which has also been made into film. The book is one of Kushwants finest work and is centered on the partition of India in 1947 and the animosity of the Hindus and Sikhs vs the Muslims. An undercurrent of the book is a love afair of a Sikh youth named Jagga with a Muslim girl in his village , whom he impregnates. Kushwant brings alive the horrors of partition and the famous train massacres indulged in by the two communities. The prose is simple and the story line can remind you of Harold Robbins. Its a fine book and I will recommend all readers of this blog to get hold of a copy and read the novel. It will be an afternoon well spent.