Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Drone and killing of Mullah Mansoor Akhtar

The Taliban is an extremist Muslim political-religious outfit were defeated by a combined NATO force and their leaders fled to their benefactor Pakistan. It looked like a bad dream that Osama Bin Laden the most wanted terrorist was given a safe house just 200 meters from the Pakistan Military academy at Abbottabad. His colleague Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader also went into hiding in the mountains of Balochistan. Mullah Omar died of natural causes and he was succeeded by Mullah Mansoor.

The American hunt.

The United States had long been hunting for Mullah Akhtar Mansoor. They were able to neutralize Osama, but the Taliban leader Mullah Omar escaped their dragnet and died after an illness. The sad part is that he was treated by Pakistani doctors in Karachi and Quetta.  After his death, he was succeeded by Mullah Mansoor.  American intelligence, which had been tracking the movements of Mullah Mansoor, finally got confirmation that the terror group leader was in Balochistan near the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Killing of the Taliban leader.

Reports indicate that the Taliban leader was killed in the missile attack. Pakistan protested at the violation of its sovereignty, but it was hard put to explain how the terrorist group leader was operating in Pakistan with impunity. The Americans have rejected the Pakistani charge. The Pakistani's had to show the world that they do not support terror and they arrested two minor officials who had facilitated the stay of the Taliban leader by helping him get false identity papers.  All this is a white wash as all along the Pakistan military were aware that Mullah Mansoor was in Pakistan. The killing of Mullah Mansoor is a blow to the Taliban, but in no way finishes them off.