Monday, August 1, 2016

Coming USElection: It may be the Last Swan Song

America is a superpower and for that reason the world is interested in the coming election to the White House. The white house is the official residence of the American president. It has great symbolic value. The road to the white house is through a long drawn election and nomination process. There are 2 major political parties namely the Democratic party and the Republican party. Both parties choose their representative, who will fight the election. It is thus a one to one affair.
Presently, both the Republicans and the Democrats have chosen their representatives. Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee and Hillary Clinton the Democrat nominee.

In many ways, this is a crucial election as the US has a 10 trillion dollar deficit and is weighed down with overspend to support regimes all over the world from NATO to Afghanistan. Trump is asking to reduce this overseas burden while Hillary is the old world politician and will follow the beaten track.

 In case, Hillary wins the US is sure to slide down and if Trump wins and the US sheds responsibility on economic grounds the result will very much be the same. One wonders whether the US has no better man to lead them in this hour of crisis. Maybe the mighty empire is cracking. Who can tell?