Monday, August 15, 2016

Justice Katju is forthright and asks to pay Pakistan back in same coin

.Eent ka jawab patthar se

When Pakistan repeatedly incites, encourages and supports agitations and militancy in Kashmir, why should our government not pay Pakistan back in the same coin by doing the same in Sind, Baluchistan, and NWFP ?
I agree with the P.M. in this respect, and in fact, would go much further 

Nehle pe dehla
Eent ka jawab patthar se

Azadi for Sind, Baluchistan and NWFP should be our demand
Let Kanhaiya, Umar Khalid & other heroes of JNU and Jadavpur University also demand this openly if they have the guts.
And let Kashmiris demanding Azadi for Kashmir also start demanding Azadi for Sind, Baluchistan, and NWFP