Sunday, August 14, 2016

Muslim Peer impregnated 300+ Muslim women in Pakistan

Peer Baba who imgregnated over 300 women who desired sons arrested by Punjab police
Muslim Peer is a religious man; a man of god.He is supposed to be a guide who helps the layman to stay firm on the path to God. A Peer is a part of the Sufi tradition of Islam and most Peer's are greatly respected and revered. 
Exploits of the Peer
In the Punjab province, a Muslim Peer who was fairly young was arrested by the police on a charge of having impregnated nearly 300 women. However, this figure is debatable. This desire to beget a son by married women led them to this Peer. He promised a son and induced the women to sleep with him. It will surprise western readers that the desire for a son was so strong among these women that they went to the extreme to sleep with the Peer.The Peer baba had a special couch or bed to which he referred as the Noor bed for the act, which women believed would help them have  a son after Peer had sex with them. All women were married
The Baba claimed that he had the power to gift a son to any woman who slept with him. However news of the Peer's "exploits" leaked and rationalists approached the Police. Hearing the police were after him the Peer escaped but he was arrested later.
Last word

The Pakistan Penal Code is a legacy of the British Raj. The Punjab police have arrested the Baba on a charge of rape, but  the charge will probably not be proved in the court as no woman wants to give evidence against the peer. It is not known how many of the women impregnated by the Peer had sons. Such a statistic would be interesting.
 People have varied opinions about the religious leader. One lady has commented that the Peer did a good thing to give childless women a new life by impregnating them as otherwise in Pakistan society the lives of these women is pure hell.