Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rare Scotch as a Present. * 80

Memoir: Blast from Past An American Love sends me Rare Scotch

Old Flame, Yet Not so Old
Friends on Wiki and my blog will recollect a memoir I had written of a romantic interlude when I was the project director of the UN Tribal welfare project at Palghar under the aegis of the WHO. It was one of the rare moments of my life that I can relive a 100 times and goes with my philosophy of flying supersonics and loving fair women.
It was a tempestous affair with a young doctor , an American who wasattached to the project. But like all good things this affair ended as she left and I continued on my way and now landed in the UAE.
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Despite being away she would ring me as a bond had developed between us. She rang me up the other day and told me that as I liked good scotch she was presenting me with 2 bottles of Single Malt rare scotch. I was surprised , but the gift came the other day by courier and I was thrilled to open the package.
The Ardberg
Two bottles emerged from the package. The first was Ardbeg, which is advertised as the ultimate Islay Single Malt Scotch whiskey. It is guaranteed as 10 years old and distilled at the Arbeg Distellery at the Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland. The Arberg distellery lies on the most southerly part of Islay and situated right on the rugged shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Arberg whiskey is non chill filtered and has a strength of 46%., thus retaining maximum flavor. This is supposed to be the ultimate single malt whiskey which all other whiskies aspire to be. Its a great drink, but I have drunk it very seldom.
The Duthac
The second bottle was Glenmorangie special brand the Duthac. This whiskey is supposed to be inspired by King James IV who made an annual visit to the distillery and the inventor of this concotion Dr Bill Lumsden set out and created this whiskey for the king.
The whiskey I am told has a special taste , but I will confess that I have never tasted it earlier. What a girl, to pick up a rare scotch which I had never tasted earlier. The wiskey is around for long years and is marketed only in limited quanties to the elite. Its a deep bronze whiskey and am looking forward to drink.
I will add that I rang my girl and thanked her for it and mentioned that she knew my taste also included fair women. She said she is coming for a holiday and friends what better that a holiday at the Mercure Resort on the Jebel Hafeet mountains in the UAE. Great place to bring alive old memories with rare scotch.
Photos by me