Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Arnab Goswami of "TIMES NOW" Channel is a Gasbag.

I have been listening to the programs chaired by Arnab Goswami on Times News channel for many years. Earlier, I used to find him balanced and imaginative. But perhaps some awards inflated his head and he became loud mouth on TV. His sessions became shouting matches and over all lost their intrinsic news value.
I particularly fault Goswami for a very biased reporting and follow up on OROP. The Times of India has officially taken a stand against the soldiers and Mr. Goswami has willy nilly towed the line. Its hard to appreciate that this man is the son of a commissioned officer of the army.
Even on other matters, Goswami just shouts hoarse and one wonders what's his aim. I have now started switching to another channel the moment this loud mouth comes on the TV screen.

the sad part is that Arnab refuses to look in the mirror, for only ina mirror one can see how he looks. He still feels he is a great host, but facts may be hard to digest for him. he follows wrong threads and wastes time on inconsequential matters. This man deserves a boot. Maybe he will see himself better then