Monday, October 5, 2015

Vladimir Putin is the Tallest Leader Around * 61

It was treat to see at last a world leader taking the centre stage of attention at UN General Assembly session. Though small sized yet athletic he definitely came out a giant among all. Rational, logical and fascinatingly simple in demeanour Putin had his way on all issues that he tackled during his speech and interviews especially those for American public by Charlie Rose the intrepid American journalist. Putin was cool, straightforward mincing no words about who is responsible for the Syrian catastrophe, its genesis and purpose of ISIS as we know an entirely American enterprise engaged in toppling a legitimate regime and creating refugee floods . His nutshell view of  growing friction in global environment is the  American obsession for hegemony backed by projection of power conditioned only to consolidate a uni-polar  world;  an absurdity thus root cause of international crises.  

All this with  back ground of heavy Russian air strikes ( SU 34, 35 dramatic action videos on internet ; an interesting aircraft documentary about Russian air force military aircraft that some believe are the worst nightmare of the us air force- why are we falling for Euro rubbish called Rafael when Russians are our tested partners ! ) against ISIS in Syria following a one hour notice to Americans to vacate Syrian air space  which  Americans did coolly then  deployed search and rescue teams on ground!  Apparently to pick up their battered ‘moderate’ militants. 

A new term coined by Americans to cover their ruse. It is also reported that Pentagon is mulling putting ground troops against Assad as they have been stumped by the boldness of Russian intervention and also  fear back lash from their ‘moderates’ ! In response Putin has conveyed that he would bomb Saudi Arabia! Russians are not just fair weather friends and will stand by their commitment as we saw during 71 War. Only we tend to buckle out with an eye on advantage of the moment! An interesting snatch from a break during his question answers session when his assistant gleamed through questions on lap top. One was a tweet from inveterate mischief maker Senator McCain predicting that Russians would go the way Gaddafi did!  Putin picked it and gave resounding reply. Gaddafi was murdered by US Special Forces without a trial Putin explained . Said  he recalls meeting Mc Cain in Munich Security Conference  . This man he added  has his hands dipped in civilian blood up to his elbows. Was a PW not kept in a cage but put in a hole in earth where he stayed the rest of his time ! Recall McCain is a great admirer of Modi and so are tycoons Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump! Birds of same feather flock together!    

 With ground situation in Syria worsening for ISI, Daesh and Takfiri , was it that the shooting in US school which led to mass killing with attacker picking up Christians by selection was an act of warning by one of these outfits! Quite logical terrorism breeds its Frankenstein   to avenge its creators. We have our examples too both the ex PMs ! It was  Americans who created Taliban to fight Russians !                                                                                                           Are we heading for a new cold war?