Monday, June 24, 2013

Remembering "The Bodys Rapture" a Novel by Jules Romain

I had a look at my collection and took out an old book by Jules Romain. It is a lovely book of ethereal sex and worth re-read.Jules Romains was a French writer who wrote in French. he made a profound impact in the field of literature and also won the Nobel prize for Literature. Jules Romains wrote many books but his story of transcendental love " The Body's rapture" is par excellence. it is a deeply emotional love story where the heroine of the novel appears before her lover thousands of miles away on a ship completely naked. What follows are some of the most beautiful pages in literature.
The writer devotes an entire chapter to describing the breasts of his love and how he pays homage to them with his lips as he circumnavigates them with his tongue and then goes on to kiss the most feminine of her flesh.

 The book for long was banned in the USA. The language is excellent and Jules Romains engrosses the reader. The book is a lovely love story and Jules deserves credit for writing it. Thh book is available on Amazon and one can buy it in case one wants to read it. Jules wrote many books , but for me "the Body's rapture" is his best work