Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Indian Army Brigadier Court Martialed For Extra Marital Affair

A case has been reported by the Times of India that a General Court Martial assembled at HQs  33 Corps close to Siliguri in North Bengal to try a Brigadier who was alleged to have stolen the affections of a junior officer, a Lt Col's wife, who was part of his regiment. The Brigadier was commanding an important formation on the India -China border and thankfully he has been removed from command.

The name of the Brigadier is withheld from Media but it's not important, as what is important is that acts of moral turpitude have no place in a fighting force.The case was brought out by the wife of the Brigadier who had got a whiff of the romance and sent a letter to the Army Chief General Rawat. After due inquiry aGCM assembled and the Brigadier had no choice but to plead guilty This saved him and he was given loss of seniority of 10 years as well as a "severe reprimand".
Sex is a driving force and flows from attraction but one has to balance between the two. It will surprise readers that Indian women officers are involved in many "affairs' and one of them Flight Lieutenant Anjali Gupta committed suicide.

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