Thursday, November 2, 2017

Danish Inventor perhaps Murders and Dismembers body of Journalist

Ever since the EU abolished the death penalty for all crimes, gruesome crimes are continuing. Perhaps there is some correlation between the two. Some famous men do feel there is a link. A gruesome crime has now surfaced. Swedish inventor Peter Madsen took on board freelance journalist named Kim Wall aged 30. The journalist was doing a story on the inventor when she was invited by Madsen, to accompany him in a submarine invented by him.
The lady disappeared after she boarded the submarine on 10 August and was not traceable after that. Kim Wall was an adventurous lady, who had had earlier reported from Sri Lanka and North Korea.
Madsen was arrested by the police and he kept changing his story.
Finally, he has admitted to having dismembered her body.Madsen has been arrested on a charge of manslaughter and will appear in court on 15 November. He had stated that Ms. Wall died when a heavy metal hatch fell on her head. The police have recovered the head and it has no injury.The public prosecutor claims he has evidence and will be able to prove the killing, as two people were on board the submarine and one disappeared. It looked a perfect crime, but it does not pay and the police did a good job

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