Hillary contested against Obama for the Democrat nomination in 2008 but eventually lost. She bided her time for 8 years before trying again and now it appears that she will be the nominee of the Democrats for the coming presidential election. In between, she had a stint as the secretary of state under Obama and that period was not particularly successful and she was involved in some controversies like the famous Benghazi coverup. She was also the wife of BillClinton when he was President and afraid she could not have had a happy relationship with Bill as he was in the limelight for using the Oval office as his rendezvous with Monica Lewinsky. He escaped impeachment by the skin of his teeth, but the resultant publicity took its toll. Hillary was thus an outsider during the presidency of Bill Clinton and she cannot claim that she has experience of the goings on in the White House. Despite this, she leads in the Gallup polls over Trump by many points.

The policy of Hillary.

Hillary has admitted many things. She had admitted the economy is bad, but she has the panacea to cure it. She is also attacking Donald for his divisive politics. At the same time, she is beholden to big business and the present incumbent Obama for this nomination. I am afraid it's not a nomination she won on her own strength. She is thus likely to toe the Obama line and her failure to call a spade a spade on many occasions can be seen as a negative fallout. The only thing going for her is that  if she is elected she will be the first woman to be president of the USA and apart from this distinction there does not seem anything positive she has to offer to the American masses. Serious doubts exist as to her ability to lead America.

Hillary as president.

As things stand Hillary is not a revolutionary thinker. She is mouthing the words that Obama has been repeating for years. In real terms, Obama brought the prestige of the US down and one of his most glaring mistakes was his failure to recognize the source of terror. Americans are wary of the immigrants from Islamic lands and there is no doubt that Muslims even after living for decades in their adopted country will in a moment spread terror and chaos. Hillary has not recognized it and thus the entire edifice of her policy is based on wrong assumptions and a soft approach. There have been iron women at the helm and one can think of the names of Margret Thatcher and the Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi.  But Hillary is not in that class and the fact that big business is backing her shows that she does not have the support of the younger voters. The elections are still some 3 weeks  away, but in case Hillary wins  for want of a better choice, America may be on the downslide. One can think of Gorbachov and wonder whether Obama followed by Hillary may see an American version of the Russian leader. A factor conveniently forgotten is her health. She fainted some time back and that does not auger well for a person who has to be the executive head of the nation and the Commander in Chief