Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Worshiping Kaal Bhairov the fierce manifestation of god Shiva

One of the more important Gods is Lord Shiva. This God is also referred to as the creator as well as the destroyer. No Hindu ritual is complete without reference to this God. Shiva has a number of forms attributed to him. One of them is Kaal Bhairava. He is the Lord Shiva in a fierce manifestation. Lord Shiva as Kaal Bhairava represents the seamier side of life. Shiva is the creator as well as the destroyer and in the latter form he is Kaal Bhairava.

Appearance of Kaal Bhairava

As per Hindu mythology Kaal Bhairava manifests himself in 8 forms. All these 8 forms have a common thread as far as attire and dress is concerned. In all forms ers of Shiva in this form worship him in the midst of graveyards and cremation grounds.Kaal Bhairava will wear a tiger skin and an apron composed of human bones. In addition he is also adorned  with ornaments made of snakes, reptiles and serpents. Shiva as Kaal Bhairav is usually depicted with 4 hands and each of his hands carry a noose, a trident and a skull.

The Ritual of serving liquor

This temple ritual starts with the devotee buying a bottle of wine or hard liquor like rum or whisky and presenting to the deity. The priest will accept the bottle and pour the contents in a shallow plate, which is held to the lips of the deity. It is a wonder to see the liquor slowly vanish from the plate. Believers believe that the liquor is drunk by the God. There is no scientific explanation for it except that it does take place and I have been a witness to it.

The power of Kaal Bhairava

In Hinduism worshipping the God Kaal Bhairava has special significance. He is the benefactor who looks after a believer travelling to distant lands. Most Hindus will offer a garland of cashew nuts to the God before embarking on a voyage. It is also recommended to feed 11 dogs on a Saturday as the dog is the mode of transport of Kaal Bhairava. The great sages and learned Gurus advice feeding the dogs with a typical Indian dish of Halwa and Puri.
Time and eternity is what Kaal Bhairav refers to. The God frowns on idle persons and time wasters. But bear in mind that since Kaal Bhairava is in reality Shiva only, worshipping him bestows all the benefits that Lord Shiva showers on his disciples and worshipers.