Thursday, June 23, 2016

Desiring women

The Start Ovid

ovid book

In college, I read Ovid the classical Roman poet and his concept of 'gaze'. It is a word that is the start of all feelings. Ovid related this word to women. Gaze is the first step to desire, love and even rape. When a man gazes at a woman it kindles these emotions and actions. Desire in relation to women is the emotion that runs the world. Many people for the sake of argument will not accept it, but desire is the emotion that leads to sex, love and other aspects of a man’s relationship with a woman.


Ancient greek sculptor desire

One of my priest friends told me that 'desire' is a bad word and against the concept of god. I wonder what he had in mind by this statement. Without desire there would be no sex and by a long shot it could affect further procreation. Desire is something ingrained in man and I feel it is best to recognize that desire for a woman really is the cornerstone of human emotion.

Women and Desire

woman desired

What do women feel about desire? I am afraid many will not admit it, but in case a woman is not desired, she would feel pretty bad about it. A women who nobody desires, is looked down upon. She also feels neglected, yet there are a few women who articulate that desire is not good. Yes, desire leads to other things like obsession, fetish, rape and abduction. All these relate to desire. Desire is omnipresent in a man’s psyche and it is best to accept.


lust is like a lion

Desire and lust go hand in hand. You can't have lust without desire. Lusting is not a good word, and religion frowns on it. There are umpteen passages in the scriptures that admonish a man against lusting for a woman. But again without lust, how would we have all the great romances that exist today. One can't forget that emperor Jahangir, the great Mogul got the husband of the woman he lusted for killed and made her his queen and named her 'Noor Jahan'.

Last Word

origin of lust and desire

These are just a few stray thoughts on the word 'desire'. I think my priest friend was wrong, for in my view desire is a lovely word and it’s wonderful to desire a woman. Acharya Rajneesh said there is nothing wrong even in lusting for a woman. How many will agree with it 
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