Saturday, June 25, 2016

Putin and Trump may hit off well together *. 63

Putin is the undisputed leader of Russia. He did not gel with Obama as Obama with his Afro-American background was more  indulgent to Muslim extremism. One can recollect he repeatedly said that Islam is a religion of peace. He was averse to Russian intervention in Syria as all along he was supporting groups which had been heavily unfilterated by ISIS and it's ilk.
Now Obama is on his way out and of the two challenger's Trump and Hillary, only Trump seems to realise the threat of Muslim extremism. He has also announced that Puatin is a man he could do business with. Despite the best efforts of Obama the EU is in tatters as the UK has left. Trump has hailed it as a leap for freedom. Putin is also happy. There is thus a chance that Putin and Trump will hit of well. However Hillary is likely to revive the cold war.
In case Russia and USA can coordinate against Muslim extremists the world will be safer. Let's see if Trump can pull the rabbit from the hat