Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Eating Joint in Abu dhabi: Lal Qila Restaurant

Lal Qila Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is a Great Place to Dine

Abu Dhabi is a place that has wonderful eating joints and restaurants. The entire city is a gourmet’s paradise and more particularly in case you are fond of Pakistani or North West Indian food than nothing beats Abu Dhabi. One of the finest places to dine is the Lal Qila located in the heart of the capital city. I understand the eating joint is owned by a Pakistani from Lahore and excellent looking Muslim girls in traditional Indian and Pakistani dresses serve and attend to you. There is also a poet from Lahore who recites some beautiful Urdu couplets and regales the customers.
The restaurant serves only buffet meals and has one of the most lavish spreads one can think of. The fare on display to taste and savor consists of over a 100 dishes covering Indian, Pakistani and Chinese food. It’s one of the most elaborate spreads i have come across anywhere in the world. The food is exceptional and one can spend a fair amount of time eating and listening to the Urdu couplets. The only drawback is that beer and alcohol are not served. Frankly one doesn't mind this as the foo is so sumptuous that beer can take a back seat
The meal can set you back by 100 dirhams per head, but overall is a wonderful place to dine on the best food available in Abu Dhabi.