Monday, February 15, 2016

Drinking Beer is Fun ** 83

Recently my Parsi girl friend decided to spend an afternoon with me. We thought it best to while away the time by drinking beer. Beer in India is the perfect anti dote to the heat, more so in the months of Jun and July, when the mercury is soaring.  Thus drinking beer on a hot afternoon during these hot months is the best thing that can happen .All said and done beer is a great refresher and a perfect accompaniment to good company.

 Beer can be consumed in many ways. You can take it straight from the can or bottle .But then there are people who want a little, bit of refinement. For them beer can be downed with lemonade.  It’s called the ‘shandy’ and very popular. You can also experiment your glass of beer with Ginger ale or tonic and some may even try a cola.

There are so many combinations. All you need is imagination. You can have a beer with a shot of whiskey or southern comfort. The cocktails get exotic with a combination of beer 60ml vodka and sugar syrup laced with lemon and ice cubes. This is the famed 'skip and go naked' drink and you and your companion will love it, at least mine did. Add a shot of gin and you will be like a tiger.

 Sip the beer slowly and let the froth settle. Get some good snacks along with it and you are on your way to a wonderful afternoon. If you have good company, that much the better. It will be a wonderful afternoon.