Friday, April 6, 2012

My Chinese Girl Friend

China is our neighbour, but it hides its people behind an bamboo curtain. A small incident will bring out the frightening quality of life in China. After reading this I wonder how anyone can talk of China being a better place in the world. Some time back I met a chinese girl on the net. After some time we did become intimate and she promised that she would make it to Singapore to meet me. In the long emails we exchanged I wrote to her about India, the killings in China, the conquest of Tibet and a host of other topics. But what surprised me was that the girl was totally ignorant of all these matters. On the contrary she wrote to me that her emails wete being checked and she was frghtened. I wrote to her calm herself. But in between she asked me about the deaths during the Red Guard movement. She hadnt heard of it. One fine day I found all my mails bouncing. Somebody had tinkered with the settings. A month later I recieved one short mail. All it said was 'farewell' . I wondered what had happened to my Chinese friend. So sad! Alas this China , a closed nation. I wouldnt like to live there.