Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why the Modi and BJP must be shown the Door

The Modi government in my view must be booted out. Working abroad in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, I can get a picture that may be a shade clear than from inside India. Recently a press conference of Rahul Gandhi was carried live by the local channel and I watched it( more by chance than anything else). Everybody must have watched it, as it concerned the Rafale deal. There is no doubt that giving a contract to Anil Ambani was a gross misuse of national resources at the highest level. This is not, however, the only reason that Modi and the BJP should be shown the door. I have a few more points
a) Construction of the Ram temple and bringing up this topic at all times to vitiate the atmosphere. I am also a Hindu /Sikh but I do not want that the mosque to be razed and a temple built on top of it. Even God Ram would not like it. Why can't the BJP build a massive temple some distance away and renovate the mosque? This is the beauty of Hinduism- accommodation. BJP is, however, whipping up hysteria on this issue. I don't think Shashi Tharoor said anything wrong.
b) The BJP and Modi have also created a state of anarchy in the country( More in BJP ruled states) with the support and active instigation of lumpen elements in the guise of cow slaughter. I saw a video of a police in UP taking an oath to " protect the cow". It is laughable but the matter is serious as in case a uniformed force is made to do such things, woe betide India. Cow slaughter is a minor issue but BJP has made it important plank and encouraged lynchings/ killings in the name of cow slaughter. I think even a police officer was killed on this recently.
c) The BJP has vitiated the atmosphere by trying to spread Hindutva. This by itself per se is not bad, but the way it is being spread and the minority community being sidelined is cause for alarm. This is against the grain of Hinduism which is an all-encompassing religion. You can't wish away 19 crore Muslims and 900 years of Muslim rule? These are facts and the BJP cannot obliterate them, it can only vitiate the atmosphere and in the process may make India worse than even Afghanistan. Veterans must ponder over it.
There are a host of other points like farmers distress, Aadhar card etc including the conduct of Mr.Modi with his wife( which he belatedly acknowledged).
I close with this few thoughts. Anybody is free to disagree and I don't mind.

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