Friday, April 21, 2017

The US General Staff showed poor efficasy to win the war in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan started in 2003 when George Bush launched the attack to overthrow the Taliban. But he lost aim and shifted the focus to Iraq. That was a blunder and now the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable. 15 years have elapsed and the US is nowhere close to victory. Tens of US soldiers have died and who is responsible?

Is Afgan a graveyard for foreign armies? No. not really because theSikhs under Ranjit Singh and even Alexander subdued the tribes. It's simply faulty strategy.  Even now if the sanctuaries in Pakistan are destroyed and a purposeful offensive mounted a victory may still be possible.  But which president will order an attack on Pak. After all, they allowed Pak to develop the nuclear arsenal.

The war in Afghanistan looks lost till the root of the problem is analyzed. Who will do it? Trump? No way, the man has an obsession with Korea which is a puny power. Defeat in Afghanistan is acceptable.

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