Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Ghazi" was the title conferred on Akbar after Beheading Hemu

Akbar the Great Earned the title “Ghazi” after Beheading the Hindu General Hemu

Akbar is given the title “the Great” by the Indian government in their textbooks. This is an example of skewed secularism and a sign of appeasement of the minorities. The real facts are chilling. Akbar was given the title of “ghazi” which means slayer of infidels, meaning Hindus.
Akbar slew Hindus by the thousands. After the siege of Chittor in 1562, he massacred 30,000 Hindus and made a big pyramid of the skulls as a sign of victory. Earlier in the Second Battle of Panipat in 1556, he beheaded an unconscious Hemu the Hindu general. He thus earned the title of Ghazi, as a slayer of infidels. This title was much sought after by Muslim rulers greatly and Akbar was no exception. His son Jahangir, born of a Hindu mother slew a Hindu slave with one blow of his sword to earn the title of Ghazi.
It’s about time the truth regarding these Muslim emperors was related to the young and old alike to give a balanced view of history

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